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telescope peak

Telescope Peak, Panamint Range, Dawn
Death Valley National Park - February 2008

This is the Laudizen King website. Here you can peruse a variety of my stories and images, and follow some links to other interesting websites. I hope you find something that piques your interest or captures your imagination, and prompts you to comeback and visit the site again. (created July 2007)

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The following collections appear in 'Contents'; please browse these pages to read and enjoy my original stories, poems, favorite quotations, and letters I have received.

The White Mountain Chronicles - stories from the mountains of New Hampshire
Gathered Along the Way - memoirs and travels from the road of life
Signposts to Fiction - absurdities, fictions, wanderings
Time's Redoubt - selected poems
Junctions - quotes, letters from readers
New Roads - creative nonfiction, essays, stories

New Letters from Readers - peruse them in Junctions

*  Audrey Smith Ellenwood - Hello - 11/09

*  David Sibrinsz - Growing up in Manchester - 11/09

*  Susan Barlow - New Schemes on Center Park - 01/10

*  Mike Bacome - on James Workman's murder in a Saigon bar in 1969 - 01/10

Website Last Updated May 2010

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Featured Story - Blood Mountain

Murder at Midnight - Workman and Cox were murdered in a Saigon bar in 1969, and the embers still burn after 40 years. Read it in New Roads.

Ghat - a poem. Read it in Time's Redoubt.

Small Hole - a poem. Read it in Time's Redoubt.

Story for a Kid - a poem. Read it in Time's Redoubt.

Sway - a poem. Read it in Time's Redoubt.

Rework - read it Signposts.

Pilgrimage - old ghosts come to Camp 16. Read it in the White Mountain Chronicles.

Making Red Flannel Hash - read it New Roads.

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